Federal Manager's Daily Report

A bill (S-1097) with bipartisan support has been reintroduced in the Senate to boost career development opportunities for federal employees involved with cybersecurity.

Sponsors say the bill—which passed the Senate in the prior Congress but stalled in the House—would help agencies recruit and retain employees in that high-demand field “by offering civilian employees opportunities to enhance their careers, broaden their professional experience, and foster collaborative networks by experiencing and contributing to the cyber mission beyond their home agencies.”


That would include a rotational program allowing employees to “serve across multiple government agencies, allowing them to gain experience beyond their primary assignment and expand their professional networks,” a statement said.

Also reintroduced was a bipartisan bill (HR-2485) that passed the House, but not the Senate, in the prior Congress to create a central site to post reports agencies produce under orders of Congress.

Those reports “provide valuable information related to specific agency missions, such as ensuring the safety of our drugs and food supply, protecting the environment, monitoring the soundness of our financial institutions, homeland security, and national defense. Unfortunately, many of these reports are only seen by the Committees to which agencies are required to submit them or they appear in scattered posts in numerous places on dozens of agency websites,” sponsors said.

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