Federal Manager's Daily Report

Legislation (HR-2019) has been reintroduced to strengthen agency IG offices by granting them broad powers to issue subpoenas to compel testimony, including by persons who since have left the government but who may have information relevant to an investigation.

The IG community has asked repeatedly for that authority, saying that in some cases officials resign in order to avoid having to give evidence that might be detrimental to their careers. The House last year passed a similar bill, which further would enable IGs to subpoena government contractors and grant recipients.


Also recently introduced were:

* HR-2060 and S-832, to increase energy and water efficiency of government buildings, the number of buildings achieving net-zero energy and waste, and the availability of infrastructure supporting zero-emission vehicles.

* HR-2231, to require federal agencies that lease or own vehicles with an available recall to remedy the defect and to prohibit them from selling vehicles with an open and actionable recall to the public; sponsors say that as of last year some 25,000 federal vehicles had open safety recall notices.

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