Federal Manager's Daily Report

President Trump has signed into law (P.L. 116-122) an agriculture bill that among other things would seek to address the shortage of CBP agriculture inspectors, estimated at 700, by stepping up hiring until the shortage is filled. The measure also authorizes the training and assignment of 20 new K-9 teams a year and authorizes supplemental appropriations to pay for increased numbers of inspectors, technicians and K-9 teams.

Also, a newly introduced Senate bill (S-3345) would require the CBP to issue safety protocols for handling synthetic opioids, provide training to officers who could come into contact with the drugs in the line of duty and provide protective equipment to officers who might be exposed.


Meanwhile, the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee has approved S-2594, to expand veterans’ preference in federal hiring to include all retired members of the armed forces, instead of only those who are disabled or who retired below the rank of major or its equivalent, and all veterans who served for more than 180 total days during certain periods, instead of 180 consecutive days.

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