Federal Manager's Daily Report

The Senate has passed S-1611, under which the government would create a national strategy for the Internet of Things, including a requirement that the Commerce Department create an interagency working group to recommend to Congress IoT security measures for federal agencies.

The group, which would consult with academic stakeholders and with those in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors, also would identify laws and regulations that inhibit or promote IoT deployment and examine current and potential federal agency IoT use. Also, the FCC would be tasked with reporting on the spectrum needs required to support IoT.


The measure is one of a number of similar proposals that have been introduced in Congress by sponsors who say that while the interconnectivity of devices offers great promise in many areas, it also can be used as backdoor to hackers or as tools for cyberattacks.

Meanwhile, a bill (S-2749) that is now ready for a Senate floor vote following the filing of a committee report would move management of the .gov domain program from the GSA to DHS and require the DHS to create a new security enhancement strategy and implementation plan for submission to Congress.

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