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fedweek.com: So it Begins: Annual Debate over Raise, Other Workforce Issues

Legislation (HR-1272) has been introduced to require that before relocating offices federal agencies would have to conduct a cost-benefit analysis taking into account the costs of real estate and staffing, as well as qualitative metrics like employee attrition, loss of institutional knowledge, and short- and long-term impacts on the ability of the agency to carry out its mission.

Those analyses further would have to be reviewed by the agency’s IG and would be made public, under the bill that first was offered in the wake of the moves out of the national capital area of several Agriculture Department research subagencies and much of the headquarters functions of the Bureau of Land Management.


In both cases, the Trump administration cited expected cost savings but did not produce detailed studies, and large numbers of the affected employees chose to quit or retire rather than move.

Also reintroduced were: HR-1224, to reauthorize the MSPB through 2026 and provides it authority to survey federal employees to find ways to improve its ability to protect expertise in government; and HR-1225, to require national security agencies to provide a public report on its diversity and inclusion efforts and encourages them to expand development and career advancement opportunities for their workforces.

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