Federal Manager's Daily Report

The House has passed HR-2704, to strengthen protections for VA employees against workplace harassment and discrimination, including by requiring VA managers who receive any complaint related to sexual harassment, other harassment, or employment discrimination to report such cases within two business days to the pertinent EEO officials for investigation.

The bill also would require that the VA’s EEO director cannot also oversee other personnel functions; that the VA o provide annual training on identifying and addressing all forms of workplace harassment and employment discrimination; and that it review its policies relating to harassment and employment discrimination each year and report to the Congress on progress toward meeting the bill’s requirements.


The House also passed HR-2788, to remove limits on the number of VA employees who may provide EEO counseling and dispute resolution services; and HR-1510, to require the VA to report to Congress on use of security cameras in its medical facilities.

Meanwhile, the House Oversight and Reform Committee has approved:
H.R. 2485, to create a central site to post reports agencies produce under orders of Congress.

H.R. 2681, to increase reporting to Congress by the central council of agency IGs, the Council of the Inspectors General on Integrity and.

H.R. 1930, to strengthen ethical requirements of members of agency advisory committees and require additional disclosures about those committees, including their membership, meeting minutes and notices of future meetings.

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