Federal Manager's Daily Report

In addition to carrying out plans for sending OPM’s operating divisions to GSA and DoD—while leaving the policy functions to become an office under the White House—the administration’s budget proposal highlights reorganization steps under way including (in the words of a fact sheet):

  • Transitioning to Electronic Records. In support of this initiative, the Budget proposes $22 million to modernize the National Archives and Records Administration’s work processes and accelerate its electronic records activities, with the goal of ending NARA’s acceptance of paper records by December 31, 2022.
  • Solving the Federal Cybersecurity Workforce Shortage. OMB is working with the Department of Homeland Security and all federal agencies to establish a unified cyber workforce capability across the civilian enterprise.
  • Government Effectiveness Advanced Research (GEAR) Center. OMB is working with business, academic, and other partners to co-establish capacity to improve operational and management challenges across the federal enterprise through applied research.
  • Strengthening Federal Evaluation. Consistent with the recently enacted Foundations for Evidence-Based Policymaking Act, the administration is tasking federal agencies with designating evaluation officers and establishing multi-year learning agendas to strategically plan their evidence-building activities and carry out priority studies in order to facilitate policy and program improvement.
  • Reorganizing Economic Statistical Agencies. Relocating the Bureau of Labor Statistics within the Commerce Department alongside the Bureau of the Census and the Bureau of Economic Analysis will improve the delivery of America’s economic statistics.