While the reaction to the White House’s latest budget proposals on federal pay and benefits was largely negative, the response was more favorable toward its recommendations to reexamine civil service policies and the government’s pay structure.

The Partnership for Public Service said that “President Trump is right to propose an update to the government’s 40-year-old federal personnel system and 70-year-old pay structure. These outdated systems stifle the innovation of today’s dedicated civil servants and impede their ability to effectively deliver services to the American people.”

Similarly, the Senior Executives Association said that “much of the language included in the president’s budget proposal rightly identifies many of the impediments our federal government confronts on a daily basis, while also correctly recognizing that the solutions will require a long-term commitment

The Federal Managers Association said that “change can be necessary and good, including when it comes to civil service reform. For example, shared services and similar reforms can certainly boost efficiency. At the same time, any book on leadership will tell you it must be open, honest, and transparent to help promote a healthy workplace culture, build trust, and better employee engagement.”