OMB in issuing a memo rescinding reporting and compliance requirements in a variety of areas said that more is to come along those lines. Specifically, OMB said that it will:

“Continue working with agencies through the government-wide council structure to identify additional areas of low-value, duplicative, and obsolete requirements, including those that are statutory in nature, and work with the appropriate parties, including the legislative branch, to provide relief for agencies wherever possible.

“Coordinate with the federal government’s other central management offices and agencies, including the OPM and the GSA, to identify and reduce or eliminate burdensome, low-value compliance activities.

“Examine the processes by which OMB issues management guidance to agencies to determine where processes may be streamlined and better coordinated, and that critical document management practices, such as the addition of sunset provisions, are added to the issuance process, and

“Develop a long-term solution for reviewing and rescinding guidance, as well as locating our guidance documents in a portal that agencies can easily access.”