Federal Manager's Daily Report

President Bush has requested that Congress approve $59.7

billion for IT spending as part of his fiscal 2005 budget,

a slight increase of $600 million over last year.

Some of that would go toward research and development,

such as $4.3 billion for the Defense. Other funds would be

devoted the President’s Management Agenda’s initiatives

aimed at promoting government efficiency and modernization

through IT.

Currently 57 percent of the 7000 government transactions

that should be, are available electronically, the budget


Some of the IT money will go to 621 projects representing

$22 billion that are on the Office of Management and

Budget’s Management Watch List for programs failing to

meet certain standards for progress and achievement.

According to the budget, the list includes critical

projects that need improvement regarding performance

measures, earned value management and IT security.

One problematic area overall mentioned in the budget

request, is privacy impact assessments to be taken into

consideration in system design and information collection

activities. Such assessments require technical,

programmatic and legal expertise.

The document also warned that agencies unable to correct

deficiencies identified in business cases relating to

IT could have their funding cut until they demonstrate

the ability to address the weaknesses.

To get details on IT spending by agency outlined in

the budget proposal, go to