Federal Manager's Daily Report

Buy American directive broadened to include cybersecurity

President Trump has broadened earlier “buy American” directives to agencies, including an executive order he issued in 2017, to spell out further requirements for materials in infrastructure-related projects and to include cybersecurity among the covered procurements.

A new executive order notes that under the prior order it is already “the policy of the executive branch to maximize, consistent with law, the use of goods, products, and materials produced in the United States, in federal procurements and through the terms and conditions of federal financial assistance awards.”

It specifies for example that for iron and steel products, that “all manufacturing processes, from the initial melting stage through the application of coatings,” must have occurred in the United States. It also broadens general coverage to “cybersecurity; and any other sector designated through a notice published in the Federal Register by the Federal Permitting Improvement Steering Council.”

Within 90 days, agencies are to “encourage recipients of new federal financial assistance awards pursuant to a covered program to use, to the greatest extent practicable, iron and aluminum as well as steel, cement, and other manufactured products produced in the United States in every contract, subcontract, purchase order, or sub award that is chargeable against such federal financial assistance award.”

Within 120 days, they are to report to the White House on “tools, techniques, terms, or conditions that have been used or could be used” to further those goals.