Federal Manager's Daily Report

Federally employed women veterans view the federal workplace less favorably than federal employees overall in several key indicators regarding trust of management and their career developmental opportunities, an OPM report shows.

The report overall focused on hiring and employment trends of women veterans, but it included an analysis of responses to the 2014 Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey, focusing on questions on which positive responses by women veterans were five percentage points or more below the government-wide average.


Of the eight questions where that occurred, three pertained to employee satisfaction with opportunities for skills improvement, promotions and demonstration of leadership skills, “suggesting a theme of career growth,” OPM said. “Another three questions measured employee perceptions of coercion, illegal discrimination and trust in supervisor, suggesting a theme of safety and trust.”

The other two pertained to shared knowledge among employees in a work unit and diversity in policies and programs.

“In comparing women veterans to all non-veterans (regardless of gender), the strongest interpreted theme was that women veterans perceived opportunities for career growth less favorably than did non-veterans. When women veterans were compared to all men (regardless of veteran status), the strongest interpreted theme was that women veterans perceived safety and trust less favorably than did men,” OPM said.