Federal Manager's Daily Report

CBO has concluded that several management-related bills advancing in Congress would add relatively little to agencies’ operating costs, in part because in some ways they would put into law practices that agencies already are carrying out on their own initiative.

HR-194 would clarify that the GSA has the responsibility for promoting and recommending efficient practices for processing mail among federal agencies but “GSA already performs this function,” it said.

HR-1293 would require OPM to issue annual reports on the use of official time by federal employees for union business during duty hours but OPM already “collects some information on the use of official time” which would be combined with other aggregated and estimated information to produce the required reports, it said.

HR-1679 would require FEMA to integrate certain components into its grant management system–an online interface for applicants to compete grant applications; mechanisms to end duplication of grant benefits; and the capability to share information with other federal agencies. CBO said it expects those requirements “will be met through the agency’s current plans to upgrade its grants management system.”

S-886 would direct DHS to establish an Acquisition Review Board to review major acquisition programs and enhance accountability and uniformity in the review process for acquisitions, requirements that “are largely consistent with existing DHS procurement policies.”