Federal Manager's Daily Report

The Senate could vote at any time on a package of bills recently approved by the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, including one designed to help alleviate CBP hiring problems tied to its polygraph policies for job applicants.

That bill, S-731, to allow CBP to waive polygraph testing requirements when hiring veterans or current or former federal or lower-level law enforcement officers who already have certain security credentials.


Also ready for Senate consideration are:

* S-1388, to develop and implement a counterintelligence training program for federal officials with supply chain risk management responsibilities, including those with programmatic, information communications technology, and acquisition roles;

* S-1869, to require new scrutiny of ownership of building space leased by federal agencies, in particular whether there is foreign ownership of space where secure activities are conducted;

* S-2193, to clarify that federal employees authorized to use a charge card to refuel a motor vehicle may also use their charge card and other forms of payment to pay for the charging of electric motor vehicles; and

* HR-2590, which already has passed the House, to require DHS to create and submit to Congress a plan to improve the effectiveness of the overseas deployments of its personnel.