Federal Manager's Daily Report

The Census Bureau “generally appears to be positioned” to meet its needs for hiring, office space and training related to next year’s census, the GAO has reported.

It said that as of last month, the agency had signed leases for 247 of 248 planned new temporary offices and that while it had experienced early delays when regions were trying to find office space and acquire leases, “Bureau officials said that the deadlines for the later phases of renovations will allow them to make up time lost.” The first wave of offices already is open while the second is set to open in the fall.


The report said that the Bureau has exceeded its schedule for hiring temporary employees, although it faces “challenges in areas such as completing background checks and hiring during low unemployment, especially for partnership specialist positions.”

Also, its training plan—which involves more remote learning than in prior censuses—generally follows leading practices but does not have goals and performance measures, GAO said, adding that without them the agency “will not be able to accurately assess the cost and benefits of its new training approach.”