Federal Manager's Daily Report

Last fall’s Combined Federal Campaign raised $83.6 million and special pledge periods related to COVID-19 and winter storm recovery raised an additional $2.5 million and $520,000, OPM has said in a memo that also asks agencies to support this year’s campaign.

In addition to cash pledges, federal employees and military personnel pledged more than 86,000 volunteer hours, with an estimated value to the charities of $2 million, it said.


The 2021 CFC solicitation will run from September 1 January 15, OPM said, and “Your active and visible leadership is critical to a successful campaign. With your help, we can assure those campaign workers in your organization reach every federal employee to let them know how they can make a monetary contribution and pledge volunteer time to support organizations that help people in need. This is important since employees are more likely to participate in the program if they are asked.”

OPM also once again asked agencies to encourage employees to volunteer as campaign managers, loaned executives, coordinators and key workers.

“These positions are often a great way to develop professional skills, such as public speaking, financial accountability, and expertise in building public-private sector partnerships. Leadership and service within the CFC also can help augment the knowledge, skills, and abilities required to advance to more senior-level positions and eventually, into Senior Executive Service positions,” it said.

It added that although cash may no longer be collected at events such as bake sales, such events “are still encouraged provided they focus on increasing employee awareness of CFC charities and their missions” and donations can be collected at them through the CFC Giving Mobile App.

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