Federal Manager's Daily Report

A bill now pending a House vote (HR-6901) would improve federal agency IT spending in several ways, according to a report from the Oversight and Government Reform Committee, which recently approved the bill.

The bill would formally designate as the federal CIO the head of the OMB office of electronic government–who has been known informally by that title for years–while elevating that position to report directly to the OMB director. “Making the federal CIO a direct report aligns with the committee’s view and that of most in the private sector that CIOs must be empowered to be held fully accountable,” the report says.


The bill requires OMB to create a technology investment planning and oversight process under which all agencies are to submit reports to the federal CIO detailing all IT expenditures, which also would have to be made publicly available online. “This process standardizes the process for tracking government IT spending,” the report says.

The federal CIO also would have to submit to Congress a proposal for consolidating IT across the government and increasing the use of shared services, with a focus on small and medium agencies.

The bill also formally establishes the position federal chief information security officer, reporting directly to the federal CIO.