Federal Manager's Daily Report

The CIO Council has highlighted as among its significant accomplishments in 2017 sponsoring what it called the “first-ever government-wide tech and cyber hiring and recruitment event,” attended by some 30 agencies and 2,000 individuals–and where 200 job interviews were conducted and 30 offers were made on the spot.

The council has cited the event as a potential model for the future, especially in IT and similar jobs where the government has had particular trouble recruiting.


Other notable accomplishments of the year the council cited included: hosting a mobile security day that had 80 attendees and resulted in 25 recommendations to improve mobile security in federal agencies; publication of the State of Federal IT Report providing a roadmap for the future of federal IT; hosting an event bringing innovative digital services companies to pitch agile coaching services to a major federal agency, with a contract now pending; standing up an Azure cloud environment for collaboration and data sharing among agencies; and awarding a contract for data gap analysis to enable agencies to implement total business management.