Federal Manager's Daily Report

Citizen satisfaction with government services returned in 2016 to about the level of 2012 after falling each of the three years in between, according to a survey.

The 68 percent overall satisfaction level in the American Customer Satisfaction Index was also about the same as in the 2007-2009 period, before it dropped in 2010; the low point of the ten-year period had been 2015, at 63.9 percent.

The government’s rating improved in all four indicators measured—process, information, customer service and website—with customer service overall ranked the highest among those, at 78 percent positive. Process was the lowest, at 70 percent positive.

Highest-rated departments in terms of “providing satisfying experiences to users” included the Interior Department—mainly reflecting people who had visited parks or monuments, it said—and the State Department—mainly reflecting people who had passports issued or renewed. Both were rated 78 percent positive. Some small, relatively specialized agencies also posted notably high scores, such as the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation at 90 percent.

In contrast, Treasury ranked last among departments at 59 percent, which “is not surprising given that its primary citizen-facing agency is the Internal Revenue Service.”