Federal Manager's Daily Report

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The House Oversight and Reform Committee has approved HR-6967, to specify that hiring in the competitive service may not be based only on a candidate’s self-evaluation or educational level or on a review of a resume by someone other than a subject matter expert.

The bill also would encourage agencies to use subject matter experts in developing position-specific assessment methods; create a database of applicants deemed qualified by one agency for other agencies to use without the need to conduct additional assessments; and require public posting of the type of assessment required for competitive service positions and the status of that position.


*  HR-7337, to require the National Archives and Records Administration to submit a plan for eliminating the backlog, currently some 600,000 of requests for veterans’ records which in many cases are needed to establish eligibility for benefits; and authorize $60 million for NARA to digitize and preserve records and improve the records request process.

*  HR-7376, to require a death gratuity payment of $100,000 plus $8,800 for funeral expenses, with adjustments for inflation, for federal employees who are killed in the line of duty or die as a result of an injury sustained at work. The maximums under current law are $10,000 and $800—figures that have been in effect for many years—and are at the discretion of the employing agency. Sponsors say there are an average of 24 federal employee deaths in the line of duty annually.

*  HR-7185, to generally bar agencies from contracting with companies that continue to do business in Russia during its war against Ukraine, including the termination of existing contracts with such companies; exceptions would also be made for companies pursuing all good faith efforts to cease business operations in Russia, and for cases in which prohibition or termination of a contract would not be in the national interest of the U.S.

Meanwhile, the full House has passed HR-5633, to require greater public release of reports by the DHS inspector general and additional reporting ongoing audits, inspections and evaluations, including data on tips and complaints made to the IG hotline and the  actions taken in response.

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