Federal Manager's Daily Report

Agency competitive sourcing efforts consistently receive

yellow and red ratings on the President’s Management Agenda



According to the fiscal 2005 budget it will be an area of

emphasis in the coming months, as agencies have to make do

with less in the face of budget shortfalls.

The budget said competitive sourcing has seen the greatest

improvements over the past several months and declared that

agencies are looking to competition as a way to lower costs

and increase customer satisfaction. However, the low ratings

that agencies received for both status and progress

demonstrate that the Office of Management and Budget thinks

too few agencies are going far enough to regularly asses the

efficiency and effectiveness of the commercial activities

they perform.

The budget cited the Office of Personnel Management and the

National Park Service for competing certain functions and

deciding to keep them in-house by growing leaner and

potentially saving $13.2 million over five years, and the

Small Business Administration was praised for outsourcing a

function that it could not perform cheaper than a private vendor.