Federal Manager's Daily Report

The Biden administration has come under renewed pressure from opposite directions from Capitol Hill on two immigration-related issues.

A group of three dozen House Democrats has echoed a recent call on the Justice Department from Democratic senators to cancel a move to decertify the National Association of Immigration Judges.


Late last year, at the request of the Trump administration, the FLRA had ruled that they are management officials, and therefore ineligible for union representation, because their decisions influence immigration policy.

The House letter says that if allowed to stand, the policy would have a “profound impact on federal employees’ right to form and join a union. Any professional employee will be vulnerable to being characterized as a manager because the FLRA decision is so broad and provides no rationale for the departure from its prior precedent.”

Meanwhile, the top Republicans on several House committees have repeated concerns about the administration’s program of having federal employees volunteer to take temporary assignments related to unaccompanied children at the Southern border. “We are concerned about the total cost of this effort and the potential impact on core government functions in the agencies losing employees and are concerned about how long these federal employees may be away from their primary duties,” they wrote to HHS.

Several other Republicans earlier had asked for an accounting of employees serving on such details and had expressed reservations about their qualifications to work with children.

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