Federal Manager's Daily Report

In a lesson that other agencies might put to good use in times of budgetary restrictions on conferences, the Office of Government Ethics has reported that it managed to hold a major conference last fall for just $12,000 through techniques such as borrowing meeting space from other agencies and use of remote video technology.

The OGE’s annual report noted that its National Government Ethics Summit provided multi-day training to replace a – much more expensive – annual conference it had held since 1980 involving agency ethics officials and outside stakeholders such as ethics officers of state and local government, good government groups and academia.


The summit spread 120 training seminars over seven days in federal facilities in the Washington, D.C. area; more than 500 participants attended in person on the three primary dates and about 360 more attended days that focused on specialized topics.

“OGE leveraged technology to broadcast many of the sessions and a number of virtual-only events by live streaming video on the internet. This afforded additional stakeholders and interested members of the public significant access to the Summit. OGE has also posted recordings of these events on its YouTube and Google+ pages, so that they will remain available for future viewing,” the agency reported.