Federal Manager's Daily Report

In a letter claiming that continuing security clearance

delays for government contractors could affect national


security, House Government Reform Committee Chairman Tom

Davis, R-Va., called on Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld

to take immediate steps to speed up the process, and closed

by saying that Congress would step in to legislate if the

backlog persists.

Davis wrote the letter after learning that it takes over a

year on average for a contractor to get security clearance,

that companies pay high premiums to hire those who already

have a clearance, and that the backlog is well over

100,000 deep.

He suggested immediately deploying “personnel and working

capital to meet the growing investigative and adjudicative

needs of the Defense Security Service.” The letter also

said DoD could “guarantee reciprocity” for holders of valid

U.S. agency security clearance and immediately begin to

work with OPM and private stakeholders to streamline the

system, automating it wherever possible.