Federal Manager's Daily Report

OMB has launched the Core Federal Services Council, which it says will be “a government-wide governance vehicle to improve the public’s experience with federal services” and that “will bring together major federal programs that provide transactional services directly to the public.”

In memo M-16-08, OMB said the council will focus on major high-volume, high-impact federal programs that provide transactional services directly to the public.


“The Council will identify challenges in improving customer service for their programs, share best practices to address these challenges, ensure use of customer feedback data, and identify strategies, including policy recommendations, to improve the customer experience for core federal programs. The Council will improve the customer experience by using public and private sector management best practices, such as conducting self-assessments and journey mapping, collecting transactional feedback data, and sharing such data with frontline and other staff,” it said.

The memo lists programs deemed “core” in most of the Cabinet departments, along with the employment services offered by OPM and interagency programs including the Federal Recreation Council and Recreation.gov.

The council is to consist of senior representatives chosen by the pertinent agencies from each of those programs. Membership is to consist of senior officials but “may also include other federal employees for each program or other programs.”