Federal Manager's Daily Report

The Office of Personnel Management’s guidelines for

Executive Core Qualifications are available to help senior


executive service candidates prepare for advancement.

ECQ qualifications define the qualities needed to facilitate

a corporate culture in the federal government, one that’s

oriented toward results, customer service and team building

both within and outside the organization, says OPM.

The ECQ’s originally were published in 1997 but have since

been updated to reflect research into successful executives

in both the public and private sectors. The first of five,

“Leading Change,” addresses the development and

implementation of an organizational vision that integrates

national and program goals and emphasizes the ability to

balance change and continuity. “Leading People” addresses

the ability to design and implement ways to get the most

out of people in the context of the organization’s vision.

“Results Driven” stresses accountability and improvement,

including the ability to make timely and effective

decisions. “Business Acumen” involves the ability to

acquire all kinds of resources, human, material or

intangible. “Building Coalitions/Communication” encompasses

effective communications and collaboration.