Federal Manager's Daily Report

The fact sheet said that Justice and OMB will issue guidance later this year to advance open government principles related to transparency and FOIA, including the implementation of the FOIA Improvement Act of 2016.

“This guidance will ensure the establishment and operation of a unified, citizen-centric FOIA request portal and promote standards for interoperability to facilitate agency adoption and participation,” it said.

Also due by the end of the year is guidance on the presumption that information releasable to any one requester is releasable to all.

OMB meanwhile has created a cross-agency priority goal for FOIA “to focus senior leadership attention and drive performance and accountability for improving the way in which FOIA requests are administered, and ensure that federal departments and agencies are providing sufficient resources toward FOIA responsibilities.”

The new CAP goal will be publicly posted on Performance.gov, and will have a detailed action plan, including specific metrics and milestones that will be used to gauge progress. To maintain focus on implementation, OMB will review progress on these goals quarterly and will update Performance.gov with the results, it said.