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The Biden administration has said it will focus its customer service improvement initiative around five life experiences that trigger important interactions between members of the public and federal agencies—”moments in their lives that matter most,” in the words of a posting on performance.gov.

“Life experiences are significant events, milestones, or transitions in the life of a person, family, or business, that often require interactions with multiple federal agencies and sometimes state, local, tribal, and territorial governments, too. This new model is driven by research and design to identify what Americans want and need – make sure they can actually access services.


The events are: facing a financial shock and becoming newly eligible for support programs; birth and early childhood for low-income families; the transition from military to civilian; recovering from a disaster; and approaching retirement.

The next phase will involve to “conduct research and gather data, including directly from the American public, that can inform how federal agencies can better design and manage large-scale, system-level experience efforts and improve smaller-scale service delivery.”

Improving customer service is one of the three elements of the administration’s President’s Management Agenda, along with “strengthening and empowering the federal workforce” and “managing the business of government.”

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