Federal Manager's Daily Report

The federal CIO Council is sponsoring a series of events and information releases for federal employees for the rest of this month, which is national Cybersecurity Awareness Month.

Events include: a virtual “Cyber Fire” competition designed to build technical skills for cyber incident response and collaborate with others in the field, Thursday and Friday; a briefing on activities and plans for the cyber community of interest, to be held in Washington, D.C. October 18; a half-day seminar with speakers from government, education, and industry on current technologies and their associated security risks, to be held in Washington, D.C. October 29; and the President’s Cup Cybersecurity Competition, aiming to identify, recognize, and reward the best cybersecurity talent in the federal workforce, now through December.

Also planned for release is information for government employees on topics including mobile security, Wi-Fi hotspots, cybersecurity while traveling, phishing, online safety, and cybersecurity for teleworkers.

Further information is at cio.gov.