Federal Manager's Daily Report

The Senate has passed S-2382, to create a program in which federal employees (as well as military personnel) can take temporary assignments of up to three years with the relatively new DHS national cyber director’s office.

“With cyber-attacks increasing in both scope and consequence, it is crucial to provide the national cyber director the people necessary to accomplish this important mission. This legislation addresses urgent personnel needs by permitting the NCD to bring in detailees from other agencies to fulfill cybersecurity missions,” sponsors said.


Meanwhile, President Biden has signed into law (P.L. 117-28) a bill barring the use of reverse auctions—in which offerors bid down their offers until the lowest-priced offer is reached—for complex design and construction services in federal building projects.

Said a statement by sponsors, “Use of reverse auctions typically results in the contractor with the lowest bid winning the contract. In the case of complex design and construction projects, a reverse auction fails to factor in several substantial variables about the project. Many of these contracts have actually cost taxpayers substantially more money than the contract originally intended due to unanticipated complications and time overruns.”

Reverse auctions in other areas, such as for purchasing products, are not affected.

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