Federal Manager's Daily Report

Only six of the 24 CFO Act agencies–Cabinet departments and large independent agencies–produced generally complete, timely, accurate and high-quality data in their first spending data submissions and compliance reports under the DATA Act, GAO has said.

In reviewing audits by agency IGs of compliance with the Digital Accountability and Transparency Act of 2014, GAO added that among 29 non-CFO Act agencies the record was better, with 20 of 29 meeting that threshold.

Data accuracy overall was a greater concern to the IGs than completeness or timeliness, GAO said, and that was partly due to government-wide issues outside an agency’s control regarding inconsistencies in how the Treasury extracted data from certain systems.

GAO made no recommendations but noted that OMB recently issued guidance requiring agencies to develop data quality plans to achieve the law’s objectives. Also, it said that Treasury officials are working with OMB and the CFO Council to resolve the data extraction issue.