Federal Manager's Daily Report

OMB, GSA and other agencies have improved their inventories of the properties they own but inconsistencies in the data remain, GAO has reported.

Reporting on facilities has been one of the issues in the long-running effort to encourage agencies to shed unneeded properties or consolidate those that are under-used. In response, OMB issued a memo requiring agencies to implement data-validation and verification checks when submitting annual Federal Real Property Profile data, and GSA issued guidance to help agencies identify data anomalies.

The latest GAO review concluded that FRPP data were generally complete and reliable and said the same of data on properties that were disposed of. However, it found continuing issues such as situations in which agencies may report the same building as disposed of multiple times, and in which non-federal buildings can be included.

It said that GSA and OMB generally agreed with recommendations to address those issues.