Federal Manager's Daily Report

The Democratic leaders of the Senate Appropriations Committee have backed the Biden administration’s positions on a number of federal workplace issues, in a report on the newly released general government spending bill.

They said they support Biden’s executive order revoking many of the restrictive policies on union negotiations of the Trump administration and directed OPM to report on “any agencies at which OPM is aware of ongoing allegations from labor organizations that the agency is not fully implementing” Biden’s order, “including a summary of the allegation from the labor organization and the agency response.”


The report adds that official time—whose restrictions under Trump were also revoked by Biden—plays a “critical role” in the federal workplace and “strongly encourages agencies to work with unions in a good faith manner in negotiating and granting official time that is reasonable, necessary and in the public interest.”

The committee also said it “supports the updated guidance on agencies’ consideration of how an individual’s marijuana use may or may not adversely affect the integrity or efficiency of the government and impact an individual’s suitability or fitness for a position.”

The measure also would order OPM to: “develop a government-wide human capital strategy in consultation with other agencies on current and future STEM talent needs”; report on the potential for broader use of steps the VA took to streamline hiring in response to the pandemic; include in its next report on telework in the federal workplace an assessment of “telework successes, best practices, and lessons learned during the COVID–19 pandemic”; and develop a strategy to increase the number of interns in the government covering recruitment practices, onboarding, professional development, and any needed changes to existing hiring authorities and programs for interns.

The report did not include views of Republicans on the panel.

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