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DHS has said it is creating a Climate Change Professionals Program open to current federal employees and recent graduates “to support the department’s growing focus on adapting to climate change and improving resilience.”

“The Climate Change Professionals Program will be instrumental in helping the department adapt to our changing climate by providing hands-on experience and guidance to young professionals interested in climate adaptation and resilience,” an announcement said. “This program will develop the next generation of climate experts, improve climate literacy throughout the department, and help us execute our climate action plan to remain mission-resilient while reducing our own impacts on the environment.”


It said the two-year program will “provide participants with hands-on opportunities to contribute to new initiatives that have the potential to substantially help DHS adapt to climate change and improve resilience.” On successful completion , participants will receive a climate change professional accreditation from the Association of Climate Change Officers and be eligible for permanent, full-time positions at DHS, it said.

The program will be operated by the DHS Climate Change Action Group, consisting of senior officials from across the department that focuses on promoting resilience and addressing risks including flooding, extreme heat, drought, and wildfires.

More information is at https://www.dhs.gov/homeland-security-careers/hiring-event.

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