Federal Manager's Daily Report

A DHS initiative is a model for agencies dealing with common data management problems–such as diffusion of responsibility for managing data, differing mandates across operating and support units, and various levels of data know-how among officials–according to a posting on the Federal Data Strategy site.

The posting recounted how what is now called the Data Stewardship Tactical Working Group grew over five years from a group of a dozen employees trying to deal with problems with missing data in the Citizenship and Immigration Services system into a “formally-empowered group of 600 employees from across a wide spectrum of operations and support roles.”


Keys to it success, the posting said, include that it:

* Started by addressing a limited, concrete problem, through which “earned trust and credibility with cross-department stakeholders and attracted new initiative proposals in the process.”

* Built and shared “tools to help colleagues wrangle data, assemble data sharing agreements, and complete other tasks related to solving not just the technical, but also the legal and practical challenges involved in maximizing value from data.”

* Collects and publicizes feedback from its stakeholders, “ensuring the community sees how the group is shaping its work in response to stakeholder requests,” and conducts regular briefings for senior decision-makers.

The blog is at https://strategy.data.gov/proof-points.