Federal Manager's Daily Report

DHS’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency has released the first in what will be a series of six toolkits to help federal agencies and other organizations “understand and address cybersecurity risk as they do other risks,” beginning with one on the “role of leadership in forging a culture of cyber readiness in their organization with an emphasis on strategy and investment.”

The Cyber Essentials Toolkits follows last year’s release of Cyber Essentials, which lays out principles for leaders to develop a culture of security, and actions for leaders and their IT professionals to take. Actions focus on driving cybersecurity strategy, investment, and culture; developing heightened level of security awareness and vigilance; protecting critical assets and applications; ensuring only those who belong on a digital workplace have access; making backups and avoiding loss of info critical to operations; and limiting damage and restoring normal operations quickly.


“We hope this toolkit, and the ones we are developing, fills gaps and provides executives the tools they need to raise the cybersecurity baseline of their teams and the organizations they lead,” an announcement said.

Further information is at www.cisa.gov/cyber-essentials.

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