Federal Manager's Daily Report

The House has passed a set of bills directed toward management of DHS:

HR-1282, to put into law the DHA Acquisition Review Board to review major acquisition programs and review policies such as the acquisition program baseline that establishes key cost, schedule, and performance requirements at the department.

HR-2131, to direct DHS to standardize its policies on handling employee discipline by mandating a baseline table of offenses and penalties to be used across the components.

HR-2190, creating a chief facilities and logistics officer to oversee real property, facilities, equipment and other material assets, create five-year management plans for them, and identify opportunities to reduce overhead costs through co-location or consolidation of real property or mission support activities.

HR-2283, to create a department-wide and component-based committees to identify and recommend solutions to factors that have a negative impact on employee engagement such as perceived limits on career progression, mobility, or development opportunities and perceived unfairness in discipline.