Federal Manager's Daily Report

The Department of Homeland Security has released first

responder wireless technology and interoperability


requirements, part of a series of SAFECOM requirement

documents, this one designed to facilitate wireless

communication among 50,000 public safety agencies, said DHS.

The document follows the release of a report from the

General Accounting Office stating that the SAFECOM effort

of streamlining first responder communication has made

little progress in two years, partly because of weak

executive commitment and support, limited collaboration,

and because the project has had four different management

teams at three different agencies over a two-year period.

“The Statement of Requirements is a critical document

that will provide first responders with the architectural

framework for future interoperable public safety

communications,” said Dr. David Boyd, director of SAFECOM.

“As we proceed, the needs of the user community will

help drive the development of various communications

products that allow the nation to begin to reach a

functional level of interoperability.”

The statement contains interoperability scenarios ranging

from law enforcement traffic stops to large-scale

cross-jurisdictional responses describing how technology

can be used in the interest of public safety in crisis

situations, said DHS.

The scenarios describe how technology should ideally

function in the field, should help establish interface

standards, define technological needs and drive research,

development, and program testing. The statement can found

at sparklist.com