Federal Manager's Daily Report

The Department of Homeland Security’s Science and Technology

division, which serves as the primary research and development


arm for the new agency, is seeking research proposals from

small businesses that address high priority technology areas

and is ready to write checks.

For-profit U.S. businesses with fewer than 500 employees

(including all affiliated firms) may apply for a six-month

Phase-I award of up to $100,000 to define the scientific,


technical, and commercial merit of a particular concept,

according to DHS. Phase-II awards provide up to $750,000 to

further develop the concept into its prototype stage.

DHS is seeking proposals for the following research and


development topics: New system/technologies to detect low

vapor pressure chemicals; chem-bio sensors; advanced low cost

aerosol collectors for surveillance sensors and personal

monitoring; computer modeling tools for vulnerability

assessment of U.S. infrastructure; marine asset tag tracking

systems; AIS tracking and collision avoidance equipment for

small boats; ship compartment inspection devices; and,


advanced secure supervisory control and data acquisition and

related distributed control systems. The notice is available

at www.fedbizopps.gov and www.dhs.gov.