Federal Manager's Daily Report

New reports from the IGs of the Postal Service and DHS cite common issues with oversight of charge cards.

The Postal Service “did not adequately oversee expense card purchases and payments” of the nearly 1 million purchases made with such cards in calendar 2013 and 2014 with a value of more than $530 million, its IG reported. “Some cardholders made purchases without proper approval and some did not maintain accurate and complete records to support their purchases. Further, cardholders and approving officials did not always provide proof they completed the required purchase card training and not all cardholders maintained delegations of authority.”


It looked in depth at 209 transactions and found 133 were missing required documentation such as purchase approvals, receipts and delivery documentation, and that 51 of those also were made without prior approval.

Similarly, the DHS IG “concluded that DHS components did not always follow established processes; as a result, there is a moderate risk that the department’s internal controls will not prevent illegal, improper, or erroneous purchases.” It did not identify any illegal purchases in its sampling, but it did identify problems where cardholders did not comply with requirements established in DHS guidance, as well as instances of employee misuse of the travel card.

DHS employees charge more than $400 million per year on purchase and travel cards.