Federal Manager's Daily Report

A whistleblower’s disclosures about several financial practices of the VA have been largely verified, the Office of Special Counsel has said, following an investigation that the department conducted after the OSC passed along those allegations.

Among the allegations confirmed was a “failure by the VA to reimburse some community healthcare providers, resulting in veterans losing care and being referred to collection agencies,” an announcement said, adding that “no veteran deserves to be hounded by a collection agency because the VA failed to pay its bills.”


In response, it said, the VA has implemented an electronic claims adjudication management system in five facilities which is to be deployed department-wide soon. It said the VA “has also launched a campaign to educate community providers on submitting claims and expects to hire additional support staff by March 2020.”

The other allegations involved overpayments for transportation services attributable to an “outdated financial management system, launched in 1992, which frequently fails to catch overpayments or improper charges. If improvements are not possible, the VA will seek a replacement system. The VA has also developed an action plan to reduce improper payments to legally required levels by fiscal year 2022,” it said.