Federal Manager's Daily Report

A bill (HR-2511) to reform DoD acquisition policies, sponsored by leaders of the House Armed Services Committee, stresses career development of managers and front-line employees, among numerous other proposals.

The bill, which follows a series of changes in law initiated by the committee in recent years, including a boost in the acquisition workforce that had declined in previous years. “A highly-skilled and accountable workforce is a cornerstone of the acquisition system” and while DoD “has made substantial strides in increasing the size of its acquisition workforce, concerns remain across several key career fields,” a summary says.

The bill would implement a new career development program “for high-potential civilian program managers to help increase the professionalization, accountability, and tenure of personnel in these critical positions,” according to the summary.

“To help improve the knowledge of industry motivation and operations, the department would identify increased opportunities for acquisition workforce personnel to serve a rotation outside of government within industry and to take classes taught by industry or academics outside of the department,” it adds.

Other changes would seek to streamline and modernize the acquisition process, make more use of e-commerce, encourage enterprise-wide data analyses for decision-making and in sharing information, remove perceived barriers to data sharing among DoD components, and more.