Federal Manager's Daily Report

In a move that may become common across the government, DoD has told its components that they may extend the deadlines for employee performance ratings that otherwise would be due June 30, as well as deadlines for having a performance plan in place for the next ratings cycle.

“Employee performance plans and timely ratings of record are essential elements of performance management for employees. Nevertheless, circumstances related to the department’s response to coronavirus disease 2019 may hinder the ability of supervisors to complete ratings of record and establish performance plans for the next rating cycle,” a memo says.


“Consideration should be given to the linkage of the rating of record to other personnel actions (e.g. performance based awards, reduction in force procedures, etc.) when determining to extend the appraisal effective date,” it says, telling components that they should make a decision and inform the Pentagon of any revised dates by May 15.

Appraisals must be effective no later than August 1 and performance plans must be in place within 90 days of the start of the next appraisal period for an employee.

“The dates of an established performance appraisal cycle are not affected by this exception to policy,” it adds, saying that the change is effective immediately “subject to any applicable labor relations obligations.”

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