Federal Manager's Daily Report

Although the Defense Department recently was granted broad

authority to pay buyouts and offer early retirements to its

employees for downsizing or restructuring purposes, there

are additional strings attached for employees at more

senior levels. Those in the senior executive service and

equivalent levels-such as senior level and senior

scientific and technical positions-are ineligible unless

the principal deputy under secretary for personnel and

readiness approves. In addition, requests involving

intelligence employees must be passed by the under

secretary for intelligence first.

Requests for buyouts or early outs for senior employees

must include documentation in addition to that required

for lower-level employees, including a history of the

employee’s awards or bonuses for the prior three years,

and a “concise justification outlining the reasons why

the executive member does not meet the

position/qualification requirements of the restructured

position or any other vacancy, where appropriate.”

Also, when a buyout to an employee at that level is offered

to avoid a reduction in force, the vacancy created, or

another position above the GS-13 level, must be abolished.