Federal Manager's Daily Report

Image: Casimiro PT/Shutterstock.com

The DoD is nearly two years late in parts of an effort to improve collaboration among its components to address issues they have in common, GAO has said.

The department “continues to confront organizational challenges that hinder collaboration,” in carrying out a requirement in its 2017 budget law, GAO said. That law required DoD to issue an organizational strategy that identifies critical objectives that span multiple functional boundaries; establish cross-functional teams to support the strategy; and provide related guidance and training.


GAO said that while two of the seven specific requirements under that law have been met, two with specific deadlines of September 2017—the overall organizational strategy and guidance for cross-functional teams—remain in draft form as do two others. The other, a “report on successes and failures of cross functional teams” has not even been drafted.

It said a reason is that the chief management office “has not approved the documents drafted to meet the requirements or coordinated department-wide review of the documents and provided them for Secretary of Defense issuance.” While that office has now set a time frame for completing the organizational strategy, there are no deadlines for the others, GAO said in recommending that the department set them.

It added that one cross-functional team that has been established, focusing on electronic warfare, was delayed in its work because of internal disagreements over who was responsible for funding it. That issue remains unresolved, “which could negatively affect the team’s ability to conduct its work and meet its objectives,” GAO said.