Federal Manager's Daily Report

The Pentagon has extended through May 1 authority to use direct-hire procedures for filling certain positions related to pandemic response, an authority it first invoked last April during the first spike in infections.

Affected are positions including medical or health professionals, acquisition, engineering, installation infrastructure, and “other positions with duties that support the DoD response to the National Emergency Concerning the Novel Coronavirus outbreak,” a memo from the Defense Civilian Personnel Advisory Service says.

Direct hire authority allows the hiring of candidates without use of standard procedures into competitive service career, career-conditional, term, or temporary positions for which there is a severe shortage of candidates or a critical hiring need to fill positions that traditional hiring procedures aren’t filling.

The agency must use an assessment method to determine whether a candidate is qualified but after such a determination the candidate may be hired—subject to meeting suitability and security clearance requirements—without being formally ranked and without veterans preference applying.

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