Federal Manager's Daily Report

In a report addressing an issue of concern government-wide, an inspector general audit has said that DoD followed internal and CDC procedures for disinfecting eight installations for the Coronavirus in a sampling of sites where employees had tested positive.

The report said that DoD and contractor personnel correctly followed steps including waiting at least 24 hours, or as long as possible, before disinfecting affected areas; using disinfectants approved by the EPA; and using personal protective equipment during disinfection.

“As more of the DoD workforce returns to work, disinfection efforts reduce the risk of infection for DoD personnel who enter areas that were previously occupied by individuals who tested positive for COVID 19,” said the publicly released version of a previously restricted report.

However, it added: “While we conclude that the implemented disinfecting procedures provided reasonable assurance that DoD and DoD contractor personnel at the selected DoD installations complied with CDC guidance, these disinfecting procedures do not eliminate the risk of infection through contaminated surfaces and individuals may still be exposed to the virus that causes COVID 19.”

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