Federal Manager's Daily Report

Two-way communication, accountability and persistence are among the ways the DoD inspector general’s office improved its employee engagement scores on the annual Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey, according to an article from that office.

The office was recognized by the Partnership for Public Service for improving scores on measures such as employee satisfaction with their employing organization, their work experience and leadership, rising over 2015-2018 from well below average to above average, as measured against other IG offices, DoD as a whole and government-wide.


The article says that the improvement resulted from increased communication to employees about what was happening in the organization, through emails and individual and group meetings between leaders and employees, both formal and informal; providing clear strategic direction starting with new employee orientation; actively seeking employee input into potential improvements in the organization, following up on those that can be done and explaining why the others can’t be done; advocating for improvements such as more flexible use of government vehicles and obtaining parking spaces for personal vehicles; providing regular feedback on performance, not just during formal appraisals, and holding underperformers accountable when necessary; promoting pride in the mission by treating seriously events such as awards ceremonies; and continuing such efforts over time.

Results have included a decrease in attrition and heightened ability to recruit, including the return of former DoD IG employees who had left to work elsewhere, according to the article.