DoD Sends Reminder on Sending Surveys

The DoD directives office has said that managers who wish to collect information such as customer satisfaction feedback, should use DoD’s own Interactive Customer Experience service, since it is “DoD-approved” and “more secure” than commercially available survey applications.

“The ICE system allows customers to submit online comment cards to provide feedback to the service providers they have encountered at military installations and related facilities around the world. It is designed to improve customer service by allowing managers to monitor the satisfaction levels of services provided through reports and customer comments,” according to a description on the ICE site.

Advantages of ICE, it says, are that it “allows DoD customers to quickly and easily provide feedback to service provider managers; gives leadership timely data on service quality; allows managers to benchmark the performance of their service providers against like services in other DoD organizations; and saves money by providing an enterprise wide capability to manage the resources necessary to collect and report on customer feedback and satisfaction ratings.”

Organizations using ICE are responsible for maintaining their own service providers/comment cards.