Federal Manager's Daily Report

The Department of Defense has announced that the Army, Navy, and Marine Corps have each reported a decrease in reservists on active duty in support of the partial mobilization, whereas the Air Force reported an increase, resulting in a total increase of 246 more reservists than the prior week.

It said that the total number of reservists is in constant flux due to the simultaneous mobilization of some and demobilization of others, and that due to the new figures as of December 3, the total number currently on active duty, in support of the partial mobilization of the Army National Guard and Army Reserve is 132,666; Naval Reserve 1,667; Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve, 19,031; Marine Corps Reserve, 9,709; and the Coast Guard Reserve, 1,171, bringing the total National Guard and Reserve on active duty 164,244

Figures for National Guard and Reserve currently on active duty can be found online.